• Waterproofing

    One of the single most important aspects of painting a home. First we perform an inspection to determine problem areas. We then use Sikaflex or urethane sealants followed by a water-repellent coating.

  • Exterior Painting

    Prepare the substrate, remove old and deteriorated compounds and sealants. Apply new sealants and two-part epoxies. Apply rust converter to all rusted metal surfaces (including nails).  Apply suitable primer coatings to all substrates. Apply at least two finish coats of 100% acrylic paint.

  • Interior Painting

    Plastic and cover all surfaces not to be painted.  Repair all cracks in walls, clean dust with HEPA-vacuum, work completed using lead safe practices.

  • Work Areas

    Sealed from public access. All debris removed from worksite daily. Wood is hand brushed for old world charm appearance. Paint lines are clean and crisp, walls are rolled with minimal texture and sanded in between coats to promote an impeccable Level 5 finish.

  • Refinishing

    We use a non-caustic (environmentally safe) chemical stripper. All hazardous waste is disposed of according to all local, state and EPA regulations.

  • Ornamental Plaster Restoration

    We work with an experienced ornamental plasterer Lorna Kollmeyer to fabricate any needed plaster ornamentation.

  • Epoxy Repairs

    Restore-It is used to repair damaged surface in wood, as an alternative to replacement.

  • Dry Rot Restoration

    Dry rot can be repaired with Restore-It, or we work with highly skilled carpenters who can replace any wood component as needed.

  • Weatherizing

    All siding is attached with stainless steel screws at all joinings and wood plugs are installed at corner boards. All vertical joints sealed with Sikaflex.

  • Deck Refinishing

    Decks are hand scrubbed and power washed and sanded as needed. Finished with a suitable deck stain such as Cabot-Stain or Penofin Penetrating Oil Finishes and wood Stains.

  • Lead Remediation

    We are lead certified by the California Department of Health. We adhere strictly to the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) guidelines, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations, and California Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Cal-OSHA), lead and construction standard.

  • Color Consulting

    We work with Bob Buckter and other local color consultants.

  • Project management

    Nita Riccardi, founder and owner of Winning Colors Inc., oversees all projects.

  • Wallpaper

    We recommend designers Bradbury and Bradbury among others.

  • Faux Finishing/Wood Graining

    We work closely with local artisans from the Artistic License Guild to provide these specialty finishes.

  • Window Glazing

    Often, we can preserve your existing wooden windows.

  • Stain and Varnish

    We do wood stains and clear protective finishes that give your woodwork a smooth professional finish.

  • Gold leaf

    Gold leaf is one of our favorite specialties and will last at least 25 years on a home.

  • Historical Restorations

    We are committed to preserving the beautiful buildings that showcase the architectural historical significance of San Francisco.